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 rubrik ruta  Definition of Kinesiology
Kinesiology is a multidisciplinary science encompassing three primary areas
of study. These areas are Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, and Psychomotor
Behavior. Kinesiologists use these three primary sciences to study human
movement. There are many different fields that Kinesiologists are employed

 rubrik ruta Kinesiologists and Rehabilitation
Kinesiologists working in the rehabilitative field are concerned about
(with) maximizing motor and perceptual abilities as well as the individual's
total well-being. There are three different rehabilitative fields that
kinesiologists could be involved in.

 rubrik ruta Cardiac Rehabilitation
Kinesiologists working with individuals with cardiac problems would complete
assessments on the efficiency of the cardiorespiratory system. Following
their assessment they would develop a rehabilitation plan that would involve
modifying lifestyle behaviors.

 rubrik ruta Physical Rehabilitation
Kinesiologists use various assessment techniques to allow detailed diagnoses
of movement problems. The information derived from the assessment can then
be used to develop appropriate rehabilitation programs.

 rubrik ruta Special Populations in Clinical Settings
Kinesiologists working with special populations would assess and may
reeducate or set up rehabilitative programs. The different populations that
they may work with include: the developmentally delayed, physically
disabled, brain damaged, elderly, emotionally disturbed or any other special

 rubrik ruta Occupational Kinesiology
In the workplace there are many complex interactions between the worker,
machine, and environment. In this setting, Kinesiologists are concerned with
the assessment and the prescription of solutions to problems. Kinesiologists
deal with such issues as man and machine interactions, matching skill level
with job demands, employee fitness, fatigue, design of equipment, and health
and safety.

 rubrik ruta Kinesiology Ergonomists
Assess suitability of ergonomic design of workstations. Provide suggestions
for modifications and assistive devices.

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